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Simply call 0843 487 1801 and get connected directly with the Vodafone customer services team who will deal with your enquiry.

Calls cost 7p from a BT landline plus your network connection charge.​

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday : 8am – 8pm

Customer Services address
Vodafone Customer Care
Vodafone Limited
Vodafone House
The Connection
RG14 2FN

8.4 Minutes Average Call Length
4 pm Worst Time to Call
96 % Calls Answered Within 0-10 sec

What’s The Best Vodafone Contact Number?

Vodafone Contact Number is dedicated to helping make it easier for you to find the right number to speak with the customer services team in Vodafone that connects you directly to the Vodafone customer care team.

The Vodafone Group is one of the most influential mobile telecommunications companies in the world. The operator is a leading provider of both voice and data services to a vast number of mobile owners. As of 2015, the company has an estimate of 444 million customers, with around 19.5 million in the UK. The company has a professional customer care department who are eager to help as soon as you dial the Vodafone contact number.

Vodafone coverage

The company supports networks in 21 different countries and partners with other networks in more than 40 countries around the world. The company is considered to be the first mobile network operator in the world to have achieved the Business Continuity Certification (BS 25999) on their mobile broadband and 3G voice networks.

Network varieties

Vodafone focuses on providing their customers with a high indoor and outdoor signal, unlike some of their competitors. The company is made up of forefront innovators who have been building its network for more than 25 years. Customers can enjoy fibre network, 4G and 3G internet. With such variety on offer, Vodafone customers are assured of a reliable and high-speed network at all times.

Network frequency

Vodafone’s 3G signals use a low U900 frequency that enables quick streaming and downloading on mobile devices. The 4G network operates at low frequency allowing customers to get online at ultrafast speeds when indoors. The high-frequency spectrum capability of the Vodafone network allows a significant number of their customers to get the most out of the network at the same time.

Independent fibre network supply

Vodafone owns and operates its fibre network. As a result, they do not rely on outsourcing experts from other companies to fix it whenever something goes wrong. Such independence allows the company to control the quality of service their customers receive with much ease. Customers can rely on quick repair to their services as soon as they launch their network complaints through the Vodafone phone number.

Vodafone mobile deals contact information

Vodafone provides its customers with exclusive mobile deals such as pay monthly plans, pay as you go, Vodafone Data Test Drive, Vodafone Freebee, Red 4G plans and Vodafone Buzz Back amongst others. All of the plans provided by the company feature exclusive benefits for customers to enjoy.

Aside from making calls through the Vodafone telephone number, customers can also receive quicker services from the Vodafone support team through the Vodafone Help Login. This service allows the company to share your device temporarily as they sort out any technical problems.

Vodafone is a company whose services keep improving on a daily basis. If you are not with Vodafone, then you may be missing a lot. Pick up your phone and dial the Vodafone contact number today.

How does the Vodafone contact number work?

Our Vodafone contact number connects you directly to the Vodafone customer service team, allowing you to speak to a member of the Vodafone group using the opening hours listed below.